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Grazie Rewards Loyalty Program

Grazie Rewards Loyalty Program

Grazie Rewards loyalty program is the premier players card of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas that lets you decide your level of play. Your Grazie Rewards card features a point-based structure that allows players to earn points faster than ever before on purchases and play.

Earn points and tier level for hotel and resort spend, table games, and slot play, show tickets, dining, spa services, nightclub drinks, suite rates, shop purchases and more. Accepted at both The Venetian Las Vegas and The Palazzo Las Vegas, you will have at your leisure some of the world's best suites, dining, shopping, recreation and entertainment, when you play with your Grazie Rewards card.

All you need is one Grazie Rewards card when playing slots and table games to qualify for benefits and rewards at The Venetian or The Palazzo hotel Las Vegas.

Remember your play is recognized as a single account at both casinos listed above.

the Venetian Las Vegas

Grazie Loyalty Program Rewards

  • Earn points at the Venetian and the Palazzo

  • Earn your Tier Points faster. The higher you go, the faster you receive rewards!
  • You'll always know your current Grazie Rewards point balance and reward options anytime by accessing your account online!. Simply go online at, or the Grazie Rewards Desk, or any Slot or Video Poker Machine with the iView Screen.
  • You'll always know how many points are needed for the rewards on your wish list.
  • Grazie Rewards provides members extraordinary benefits and rewards. Earn Tier Points towards your Grazie status on suite rates, and in-suite charges, restaurant meals, show tickets, shop purchases, nightclub drinks, spa services, and more, when you charge any purchases made from participating partners at The Venetian and The Palazzo back to your guest suite.

Note: Your reservation must be linked to your Grazie Rewards account to receive these points.

The Four Levels of Play

Grazie Rewards Card Privileges & Perks

Grazie Loyalty Program offers 4 levels of membership, Grazie Member, Grazie Premier, Grazie Elite and Paiza Gold. A player's membership level determines the rate at which points are earned and the higher the level, the faster points are earned.

Grazie Member: 0 - 999 Tier Points
Grazie Rewards Grazie Member Grazie Member is the entry-level status and entitles you to a wide range of benefits across the properties. (see the chart below)

Grazie Premier: 1,000 - 9,999 Tier Points
Grazie Rewards Grazie Premier Earn 1,000 - 9,999 Tier Points in the current year to achieve a Grazie Premier which will be valid till the end of the following year.

Grazie Elite: 10,000 - 39,999 Tier Points
Grazie Rewards Grazie Elite Earn 10,000 - 39,999 Tier Points in the current year and you'll be playing with the Grazie Elite until the end of the following year. The Grazie Elite card includes all the benefits of Grazie Member and Grazie Premier card status, plus the additional benefits listed in the chart below.

Paiza Gold: 40,000+ Tier Points
Grazie Rewards Paiza Gold Earn 40,000+ Tier Points in the current year and you'll be playing with the Paiza Gold until the end of the following year. The Paiza Gold card includes all the benefits of Grazie Member, Grazie Premier and Grazie Elite card status, plus the additional benefits listed in the chart below.

Grazie Rewards Points

What are Grazie Rewards Tier Points?
Tier Points determine your Tier within the Grazie Rewards Program. The number of your Tier Points will determine if you have a Grazie Elite status, Grazie Premier status, etc. Your Tier Status in turn determines your Grazie Rewards Benefits.

How do I earn Grazie Rewards Points?
Grazie Rewards lets you earn Points every time you play with your Grazie Rewards card at The Venetian Resort (The Venetian and The Palazzo). Play any game – slots, table games, or race betting to build Grazie Rewards Points. You can also earn Points for the cost of your suite, for your entertainment purchases at hospitality outlets, spa services, food and beverage outlets, bars, nightclubs, and retail shops. You'll find opportunities to earn points and enjoy rewards at every turn.

Where you can use your Grazie Rewards card
Slot and video poker games
Earn Grazie Rewards Points, Grazie Gifts Points, Tier Points, and to have your play rated
Table games (excluding poker room)
Earn Grazie Gifts Points, Tier Points, and to have your play rated
In the poker room
To have your play rated
At participating partners
Earn Tier Points (by charging purchases back to your guest suite) and to receive discounts and upgrades.
At check-in
Ask the Front Desk during check-in to add your Grazie Rewards account number to your reservation

Do my Points expire?
Grazie Rewards Points expire after 12 months without earning a Grazie Rewards Point.
Grazie Gifts Points expire at the conclusion of the annual Grazie Gifts event.
The Tier Points earning period begins on March 1 and ends on the last day of February (February 28 or 29) of the following year. Tier Points balances reset to 0 on March 1st each year.
The Tier Points you earned throughout the year determine your Tier for the current period and the subsequent year. Make sure you earn enough points during the year to not only keep your current Tier but also to earn the next Tier up so you can enjoy even more benefits.

How do I apply for a Grazie Rewards Card?
Applying for a card is fast, easy and free. If you are in Las Vegas, stop by at Grazie Rewards booth at The Venetian or The Palazzo and show your valid ID to pick up your card. To Apply Online visit

How do I obtain my Win/Loss Statement for my taxes?
A copy of your current and prior year Grazie Rewards Win/Loss Statements are available online at for you to view and download, or you can send an email to [email protected] for your statement. Please allow up to 72 hours for email requests to be fulfilled.

More Grazie Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Grazie Rewards Card Rewards

Below is a list of Grazie Rewards Card Privileges & Perks for different levels of play

Grazie Rewards Benefits

Grazie Member Grazie Premier Grazie Elite Paiza Gold
Tier Credits Up to 999 Points 1,000 Points 10,000 Points 40,000 Points
Book Personalized Offers on
Exclusive Offers and Promotions
Dedicated Reservation Line
Priority Line at Select Venues
Reserved Poolside Seating
Grazie Rewards Point Redemption 1pt = $0.01 1pt = $0.015 1pt = $0.02 1pt = $0.025
Earn Grazie Rewards Points for Slot Play to redeem for Slot Credit or Resort Comps
Priority Slot Service
Personalized Gaming Offers
Eligible to Earn Grazie Gifts Points
Exclusive Member Rates
Complimentary Late Check-out 12 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m.
Complimentary View Upgrade
Invited Guest Check-in
Complimentary Next Suite Upgrade
Gondola Ride Discount 10% 10% 20% 20%
Exclusive Ticket Pre-sales
Grand Canal Shoppes® Digital Shopping Passport
The Venetian Floral Discount + Online Orders5 (Code: GRAZIE20) 20% 20% 20% 20%
The Venetian Resort Retail Outlets Discount
Canyon Ranch® spa + fitness Savings on Services 10% 10% 10% 25%

** Restrictions apply

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Grazie Rewards Policies

Members must be 21 years of age or older and provide a valid government issued photo ID to participate in the Grazie Rewards program.

Membership and all associated benefits are non-transferable.

Duplicate Grazie Rewards slot cards may be issued with proper identification. Grazie Rewards is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Points are valid for 12 months from the date earned. Lack of play by any member within a 12 month period will result in all Grazie Rewards points to expire (your points will reset to zero)

All redemption transactions require the cardholder to present valid, current photo identification.

Management reserves the right to adjust point balances resulting from malfunction, operator error or fraud. Decisions made by management are final and binding.

The Venetian Non Smoking

Membership in Grazie Rewards may be revoked or canceled at any time without notice at the discretion of management.

Misuse of Grazie Rewards or benefits will result in forfeiture of card and membership.

To receive Resort Loyalty Points, guests must charge expenses to their suite.

The Venetian ask that all Table and Card Game players and spectators refrain from smoking or vaping.

Disclaimer is strictly a travel information website and in no way affiliated or associated with The Venetian, Palazzo, Grazie Rewards and/or it's respective companies. If you have specific questions regarding your casino slot card, please contact the casino directly.

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