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How to Play Let It Ride Stud Poker in Las Vegas

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Let It Ride Stud Poker is an exciting, player-friendly variation of Five Card Stud Poker. It is designed to offer Casino guests an opportunity to control two of the three bets wagered. It's fast, it's fun, it's enjoyable and easy to learn. Compared to other card games, Let It Ride is played at a relatively relaxed pace, which makes it a good option for newbies and people less interested in pulse-pounding gambles. Make your bets, and if you've got a good hand, just Let It Ride.

In Let It Ride Stud Poker the players do not play against the dealer or any other player. You are simply trying to get the best possible poker hand by using your three cards and two cards, called "community cards," which the dealer will expose.

Object of Let It Ride Stud Poker

The object of Let It Ride is to get the best possible poker hand by using the three cards dealt to each player and two community cards to make up their hand.

How to Play Let It Ride Stud Poker

1. Each player places three equal bets as indicated: (1), (2), ($) on the table layout.

How to Play Let It Ride Stud Poker

The Deal
2. The dealer then deals each player three (3) cards, and two cards are placed face down in front of the dealer. (to be used as community cards)

The Play
3. After the player looks at their first three (3) cards, the player may ask for his or her first bet back, or choose to “Let It Ride.”

4. The dealer will then reveal the value of one of the face down community cards. (to be used as the player’s fourth card).

5. After seeing how the community card affects his or her poker hand, the player may then ask for his or her second bet back or “Let It Ride.” The player then places the cards down under his or her remaining bet(s).

6. Bet number three is the only bet that cannot be pulled back by the player.

7. The dealer will then expose the final community card (to complete the player’s five-card hand). At this point, the players lay their cards down.

8. A player who fails to attain a pair of 10s or better will forfeit whatever bets are still active.

9. The dealer takes all losing hands and pays all winning hands according to the payout schedule (see below).

10. Players cannot show their hands to other players.

Note: You are not playing against the dealer or the others players. The object is to get as good a poker hand as possible by using your three cards and the dealer's two face-down cards. The winners are paid according to the payout schedule (pair of 10's or better, two pair, etc.) - see schedule below.

Let it Ride Stud Poker Payout schedule
Royal Flush
1000 to 1
Straight Flush
200 to 1
50 to 1
Full House
11 to 1
8 to 1
5 to 1
3 to 1
Two Pair
2 to 1
Pair of 10s or Better
1 to 1
Let it Ride Stud Poker House Advantage

Las Vegas Casinos love Let it Ride Stud Poker. Like other poker-based games, player skill can affect the house advantage, but Let it Ride Stud Poker still offers a relatively high house advantage.

Depending on how you crunch the numbers, the casino advantage is either 3.51% or 2.86%. (That means, for three $1 base bets, the casino will earn back – on average – 3.5 cents per hand).

As a point of comparison, the house advantage in craps averages 1.4%. Even though Let It Ride offers a high house advantage, it compensates with some extremely high payouts on winning hands. No wonder Let It Ride is popular among players and casinos!

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