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How to Play Three Card Poker in Las Vegas

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Three Card Poker with Six Card Bonus is a stud poker game offering three exciting ways to play and four different ways to win. In Three Card Poker℠* you may bet against the dealer, bet on the value of your own three-card hand or bet both. You only need three consecutive cards to make a straight and three of a suit to make a flush – and a straight is higher than a flush. You can receive bonus payouts for certain wagers against the dealer.

Object of Three Card Poker

The object of Three Card Poker is to get a Three Card Poker hand with a value higher than the Dealer.

Ranking of Hands (Highest to Lowest)

Note: Three Card Poker hand rankings differ from traditional poker. Cards are ranked from highest to lowest. For example, a Straight beats a Flush.

Straight Flush
3 cards of the same suit in consecutive rank
3 cards in the same rank, regardless of suit
3 cards of consecutive rank, regardless of suit
3 cards of same suit, regardless of rank
2 cards of same rank, regardless of suit

Note: When comparing two hands that are of identical poker hand rank, the hand that contains the highest ranking card shall be considered the highest ranking hand. (If hands are identical after this application, the hand shall be considered a draw.)

Three Card Poker Bets

Bet Against The Dealer's Hand
Place an ANTE wager to play against the dealer ONLY. After you looking at your three cards, you have two options. You can fold, or if you think your hand is high enough to beat the dealer, place an equal wager on the PLAY spot.

If your hand beats the dealer's qualifying hand of a Queen or better YOU WIN BOTH wagers. If the dealer's hand does not contain a Queen High or Better, your ANTE wager wins 1 to 1 and your play wager is returned. If the dealer's hand does contain a Queen High or Better and the Player's hand beats the dealer's hand, the PLAY wager is paid 1 to 1 and the ANTE wager is paid 1 to 1. In the event of a TIE, then it is a PUSH and the wagers are returned.

Bet On Your Own Hand
Bet just the PAIR PLUS spot to play your hand value only and not against the dealer's hand. If your hand contains a pair or better, YOU WIN!

Bet Both
Place a PAIR PLUS and ANTE wager to play BOTH against the posted pay out and against the dealer. If a player has placed an ANTE wager and a PAIR PLUS wager but does not make a PLAY wager, the player forfeits the ANTE and the PAIR PLUS wagers. (Note: In order to make a Pair Plus wager, a player must have an Ante wager.)

The pay out for the PAIR PLUS wager shall be as follows:
1 to 1
4 to 1
6 to 1
30 to 1
Straight flush
40 to 1
Generally, the payoffs are determined by the pay schedule printed on the table layout

A player placing an ANTE wager and a PLAY wager shall be paid an ANTE BONUS if the player's hand consists of the following:

1 to 1
4 to 1
Straight flush
5 to 1

** If the player makes a ANTE wager and a PAIR PLUS wager but fails to make a PLAY wager, the player shall forfeit both the ANTE wager and the PAIR PLUS wager.

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Basic Rules of Three-Card Poker

Each player must make an "Ante" wager in order to play. Optional bets such as "Pairs Plus" and a Progressive Jackpot bet may be made.
Each player and the dealer are dealt three cards face down.
The player will review their hand and must decide whether to fold or "Play".
In order to "Play", the player must place a bet of equal value to the "Ante".
After all players have folded or continued to play their hand, the dealer reveals their hand comparing it to each player hand with the higher hand winning.
If the dealer has a higher value hand, both the "Ante" and Play bet lose. If the player and dealer tie, the "Ante" and Play bets will push.
If the player has the higher value hand, the "Play" will be paid even money and the "Ante" will be paid at even money or at odds depending on the strength of the hand.

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