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Things not to do in a Las Vegas Casino

10 Things not to do in a Las Vegas Casino

Planning a memorable gaming trip to Las Vegas can be fun and exciting. But once you enter a casino floor, the non-stop sound, blinking lights and exciting jingles can create burst of adrenaline that can distort reality and eventually lead you into making decisions that are against your own interest.

Knowing some of the things you should never do in a Las Vegas casino can lead to a great gaming experience, save you money, keep you out of trouble and prevent you from getting banned from the casino.

1 Do not make your "Bank Roll" decision on the casino floor

Before leaving on your Vegas vacation, decide how much money you'll spend on gambling. Don't make this decision when you get to Vegas. This amount is your gambling bankroll. Try not to go over it.

2 Make a daily gambling budget and stick to it

Have a plan on gambling loses and gambling wins. Make a daily budget and stick to it. If you win, great! If you lose, you're DONE for the day!. Never, ever, ever pull out extra money. You are not going to win back lost money. Chasing losses never ends well, it only makes a bad situation worse. The odds are against you.

3 Do not gamble if you are under 21.

Under 21 in Las Vegas In Nevada all players must be 21 years of age to gamble on the casino floor - with no exceptions. No children or persons under 21 are allowed on the casino floor. Children are not allowed to accompany adults while they play the slot machines. Children however are allowed to walk through the casino floor inorder to reach another areas of the resort.

4 Limit the number of Free Drinks you accept

It's common knowledge that you get free cocktails while you gamble in Las Vegas. That might sound very tempting but honestly you don't want to gamble for cocktails or drink while you gamble. Sooner or later you will find out why the drinks are free. The free cocktails will impair your judgement while gambling and can be a great way to lose more cash than you planned.

It's worth mentioning that free drinks are not automatically offered once you enter a Las Vegas casino. The cocktail servers are trained to watch you to make sure you have gambled for a while before asking if you want free cocktails. It’s customary in Vegas to give waitresses a dollar tip every time they bring you a free drink.

Poker Etiquette
Poker Etiquette
Craps Etiquette
Craps Etiquette
Blackjack Etiquette
Blackjack Etiquette
5 Do not gamble without your Casino Rewards Card

Always use your Casino Rewards Card when you play the Slots or at the table games. If you don't have one, Sign up for one - "It's FREE". Some casinos offer free slot play and discounts for food just for signing up. Always use a Rewards card when gambling and check with a host before you leave to see what you can get comp-ed.

6 Don’t play any game you don’t understand

Besides playing the Slot Machines, to be successful with most casino games, having a basic knowledge of the game goes a long way in improving your chances of winning some money or at least slows down the rate at which you will lose your bankroll.

7 Do not lose track of time

Limit your playing time and do not lose track of time. The ultimate goal of every casino is lure you in and to keep you there gambling. The most effective way to keep you there (gambling and probably losing) is to make you loose track of time. Casinos are designed with that in mind. When you walk into a casino, you’ll notice there are no windows, no clocks and some floor layout makes it almost impossible to find the exists. These are all done on purpose because the longer they can keep you there, the more you will gamble.

8 Don't gamble just for comps

Don't gamble just for comps. Comps, which is short for "complimentary" is a way Las Vegas casinos rewards its frequent gamblers by offering them free complimentary rooms, buffet passes, show tickets, and so on, as a way to encourage players to gamble.

While it's great to receive comps while you gamble, going out of your way to gamble just for comps is a bad thing. Chances are you're going to lose a lot of money at the tables in exchange for those comps.

Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

9 Avoid at all costs credit-card cash withdrawal machines.

If you ever get to the point where you'll need to take money off your credit card to gamble, you are definitely pushing it. Just remember this withdrawal is not coming from your bank account, but instead the cash withdrawal will shows up as a charge on your credit card. Essentially, you're borrowing against your credit card to gamble. Such a move is a "Win", "Win" for everyone but you. Your bank gets its 14 - 18% interest, the ATM machine takes it's cut in withdrawal fees and the casino collects the rest as you rack up your gaming losees. Now you see how everyone wins but you.

10 Other things you should know

Watch your hands
Do not move, or remove, chips during a spin of the roulette or hand of blackjack, and definitely don’t touch other players’ chips.

No photography / cell phones at gaming tables
You are not allowed to use any electronics, including cell phones while seated at a casino game. When in doubt, ask a security guard.

Station Casinos Boarding Pass
Station Casinos Boarding Pass
Station Casinos Boarding Pass
Station Casinos Boarding Pass
Station Casinos Boarding Pass
Station Casinos Boarding Pass

A great reason not to gamble when you're under 21

Las Vegas Under age gambling

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